Learning to properly play the game of golf leads to a more enjoyable and rewarding experience that can be shared with your friends and family time and time again. If you have just begun to play golf or are just getting back into the sport, you realize it takes time and direction to get your skills up to speed.

Sunridge Golf Club’s Professional Instructor:


Raegan was born and raised right here in the Tahoe Basin.  She graduated from both McQueen High School in Reno and Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz. Raegan has been a Class A Professional since the winter of 2017.

Raegan began her career as a golf professional after competing in local events and winning her Club Championship in 2013! Under the guidance of local golf legend Lou Eiguren, she studied in Florida, N. Carolina and Las Vegas before earning her LPGA Class A teaching card.

As one of only a handful of LPGA Class A professionals in Northern Nevada, Raegan brings to Sunridge an extensive knowledge of golf, effectively and successfully teaches the skills needed to play the game.

We are proud and excited to have her on board again this year!

Raegan enjoys working with golfers of all ages and abilities including young, old, new, and seasoned veterans. Raegan’s students include first time Club Champions (both men and women) and every level of golfer in between.

It is one of Raegan’s professional goals to not only keep the game of golf fun, but to truly find a way to continue to grow the game.

One of the many things that Raegan does is offer clinics.  These are not only an affordable way to get introduced to the game, but the learning is done in a group setting which many find to be more enjoyable.  Sunridge, along with Raegan, have teamed up to offer these clinics to anyone and everyone in the community!

Together we will continue to find ways to grow this wonderful game we all love in our community!!

“Raegan is a master at making you feel at ease and comfortable.  We had so much fun and we left actually believing that golf was something we could learn to do.”

As a world class athlete herself, Raegan was ranked #2 in the world in professional jet ski racing!  She is also a high level freestyle skier and mountain biker. Raegan’s experience on a national and international level, clearly sets her apart not only as an athlete, but also as a Class A Instructor.

1 hour Individual – $55
Lesson Packages include a Swing and Equipment evaluation and a Playing Lesson!

Let our excellent and experienced staff of golf experts help take your golf game to the next level.
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